An 18 hole guide into Sacred Play to Ignite the Energy of the Divine Woman

"Mission" - To encourage women and girls from all walks of life, to claim their Goddess Selves! By playing in deeper connection with themselves, with others, with Mother Earth and Nature. Changing the way Females play one Goddess at a time.

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Come, Be Golfing Goddesses

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Yoga for golf

Golfing Goddesses:

"It's all about connecting" and reconnecting the Intellectual, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual  for more Happiness, Self-Love and Lower Handicaps!

-Connect to Yoga for Golf and Goddess Yoga to awaken the Golf Goddess within, by learning powerful Yoga philosophies and poses, ancient Feminine mysteries (secrets) and creative play that reconnects you to your self, spirit and nature.

- Connect to your Body with golf specific yoga poses and learn a gentle 1-minute routine that will get you fitter, faster for golf

- Connect your mind and eliminate your mental blocks and the accompanying negative thought patterns on and off the course.

- Connect to your Spirit and gain self-assuredness, personal power and unconditional love when you recognize the supportive Divine Feminine flowing through yourself and all life.

- Connect to the nine Goddesses in this book and their qualities such as; balance, perseverance, patience, and confidence.

- Connect to the Universe and discover Natures Laws such as the Law of Attraction for your golf games to achieve your goals and win more games effortlessly.

- Connect to Native American wisdom featuring my mentor, Elder Dave Courchene Jr. His insights and teachings are intended for any woman to live a life in balance and harmony even if they are not a lover or player of the game.

Partial book proceeds will be happily donated to starting  a non-profit organization:

REUNITING Reuniting Children with Elders THROUGH TRAVEL & TECHNOLOGY. 

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