Sacred Golf Journeys A Renewed Sense of Wonder for Golf and Nature

Play with Passion! Leave Loving Footprints
Golfing Goddess Journey's is a Sacred Connections Immersion Program, based on Margarit Brigham's Book "How to Become a Golf Goddess"
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Come, Be Golfing Goddesses

As you may have guessed this is not your average golf book that explains the game from the technical side. Instead it guides
women on a holistic lifestyle approach and it can reveal the Game of Golf as a path of the Heart.

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Celebrating Fall Equinox


Golf, The Goddess Way!

Big Island of Hawaii-Kilauea

Sept 17 - 24, 2015

With Author Margarit Brigham, Golf Goddess Guru



 Sept 21, 2015


Sept 23, 2015

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Golfing Goddess Yoga World Tours

 "A String of Pearls"

A Sacred way to Play in Peace and Balance.

Yoga for golf
For Focus and Flexibility
Each morning will begin with the Yoga for golf Poses, before going to play, at the driving range, and at the first tee.

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Play in Prayerful, Reverence
Unwind on alternate days off from playing golf with Goddess Yoga.
In a private room we will explore the ancient Divine Feminine Mysteries (secrets) of pelvic power and meditation.

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Golfing Goddess Yoga Clinics
Throughout the week of the Fall Equinox, Participants will learn the long forgotten language of the Goddess. With this knowledge they are bound to Fall in Love with Mother Earth and view her and all her kingdoms as the main attraction. They will raise their vibration by learning and playing "Gratitude Golf Games"


co-leader bio
Georgina Lynn Longbottom
bio: Co-leader in Goddess Yoga Workshops and Clinics as well as tour guide


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Stay and Play

A Glance at the Itinerary
Seven days in Hawaii on the Big Island at Waikoloa Beach Resort.
The Package includes three rounds of golf at The Beach Course and the Kings Course. Carved out of the ancient lava field the contrast between the emerald green fairways and shimmering blue lakes provides for a unique golf experience.  

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postcard from Hawaii
Pele Goddess of Hawaii’s Volcanoes.

 First stop is to the Volcano Art Centre to experience a Hula. Hula is the soul of Hawaii with Reverence we begin the day with a greater awareness and sense of  deep spiritual energy.
Then a walk into Kilauea Caldera, where the Hawaiian experience is linked to the land.The path leads through rain forest to the heart of one of the world’s most active volcanoes.
Estimated walking time:
 1-1.5 hours round trip

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Swimming with the Dolphins

Every Animal whether it be finned, winged, four legged or more, has a 'Medicine" or essence that humankind can learn from and to call upon.  The Dophin's main message is Joy and Celebration! The Dolphin is one of the Sacred Animal's of the Goddess, even the word Dolphin comes from the greek word "delphinos" meaning womb.
The Dolphin and Goddess reminds us of the healing power of fun without a goal, laughter without reason, and joy of simply being.
tour guide
Sacred Play
Golfing on International
Peace Day and Fall Equinox

The Four Days leading up to the Changing of the Seasons; the Solstice's and Equinox's, are called "Holy Interval" as the end of one season and a beginning of the next this time line is an intersection of the two energies. Which create a vortex, which thins the veils between the spiritual and the
 physical dimensions.

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You will be traveling with best-selling author Margarit Brigham.

Margarit will unlock the secrets of these extraordinary Goddess Destinations with Goddess Yoga, Yoga for Golf, talks, meditations, rituals and ceremonies. They will guide you as your learn about the enduring significance of the Sacred sites, for your golf game, and for your own inner journey of transformation. You will travel  with like-minded participants who are sure to become lifelong friends, experiencing the very best culture, history and leave feeling much more connected to the earth than before.
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Questing to the Sacred Lands of the Goddesses

 A New Approach to Golf Play with Passion, Pleasure and Play is the Goddess Way!
"Golfing Goddesses-  It's all about Connecting
 The string of pearls; Connect with Nature through Golf,  Connect Yoga to Improve Golf, Connect the Goddesses to understand Nature, Connect it all for Awakening Spiritual Growth, to experience Magical, Heart-Centered games.
The Why?  To connect Women back to a Sacred Union with Nature, and a Personal Experience of the Goddesses using the Game of Golf!

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