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Margarit Brigham takes you on an amazing journey that will  deeply empower and transform you into a 
Golfing Goddesses.


Her unique and natural style of combing Yoga with Golf together with an enlightening philosphy allows each woman to become a Golfing Goddess
a truly awakened journey taking their
Golf and life way beyond par!

Golf viewed in its truest form, is a game that teaches virtues such as: HONESTY, INTEGRITY, PAIENCE, HUMILITY, BALANCE and CHANGE. All golfers may get these lessons but many do not embrace them as treasures to build, more often then not they are a constant source of frustration.

 Today we are very fortunate we have more freedom, and we can begin to play golf as a spiritual experience, which will heal and shape our lives. We can begin to move through golf, business and life using the Laws of Nature or termed another way 'Universal Laws' which are more life affirming and are in-fused with love, in comparison to man-made laws that cause separation.

Enjoy the Balance of Heart Mind and Nature

As we come back to our true selves we begin to heal and change the planet. The Goddess tradition embraces play and pleasure, all acts of love and pleasure were seen as a ritual to her, a way to honour and praise her. The more we honour and celebrate this life; the more grace descends down on us.

I once read that both the Koran, the sacred book of Islam and the Talmud the sacred book of the Jewish; teach- "that we will be called to account for every permissible pleasure life offered us, but which we refused to enjoy while on earth?"

When the Goddess Within Awakens

It's time my sisters, to begin to play everyday, in every way.  As a by product of  becoming Golfing Goddesses you can pave the way for a new  balanced world. 

Think about what we are passing on now, whether you have children or not, whether Become a Golf Goddessyou are a child starting golf right now or a grandmother, most peoples lives are lived in habits, many habits of fear and distrust have been fed to us.

We pass up permissible pleasure all the time, we have been conditioned to be a dead society.  The life of our inner core is just waiting for us to turn towards it. What will you find?  The wonder and magic that weaves itself through all of life, now flowing through yours. Welcome to the adventure!


"What does it mean to be golfing goddesses compared to just being a woman golfer? Becoming golfing goddess is playing in closer relationship to who we are as females and to reconnect back to our own natural rhythms. Golf is a perfect playing field to discover and uncover who we really are as a female species and how much we have been hurting since we have been disconnected with our own natural flow.

Each of us has a unique path that is right for us; one of the quickest ways to find it is by being in a relationship to Mother Earth and the feminine Energy.


Golfers have a unique opportunity to fast track this relationship since we can be outside playing for hours. Play being the operative word here. The Goddesses are calling to us all, and women have been hearing the call the most, our Mother earth needs our attention and Love and that is a very simple act we can all perform. Since we are multidimensional we will find certain Goddesses resonate with us at different times, the more attention we pay to certain goddesses the more that energy type comes back to us.

When we see evidence of help from the higher realms, a spontaneous appreciation occurs. This then becomes a wonderful cyclical flow of asking, receiving and being grateful. The more frequently we are outside, the more we can receive messages, information and intuition from nature. The purpose of this book is to bring women a step closer towards sacredness and play on the golf courses and then it will spill over into every area of our lives effortlessly.

I Live a most Magical Life since becoming a Golf Goddess and I truly desire the same for you! 
Margarit Brigham

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